I'm a Finnish-Dutch artist, educator and organiser living in Amsterdam-Noord. In my work I explore the revolutionary potential of collective creativity. As an autodidact DJ, filmmaker and anarchist, clubs are my art school and protests my phd.


De Bowling, De Rietwijker, Amsterdam-Noord
2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
Tags: Amsterdam, art, education, film, music, research
Verdedig Noord is a group of people who take action against the gentrification of Amsterdam-Noord. Verdedig Noord believes that the changes and improvements in Noord should not be at the expense of people who already live here, some of them all of their lives. Moreover, we critically question the so-called upgrading of our neighbourhoods, which in practice only increases the differences between people.

Verdedig Noord was founded by rapper, musician and writer Massih Hutak. His artistic research into gentrification led to his acute need to stop it, to fight against this form of urban development that excludes and marginalises old and less fortunate residents. He does this together with an ever-growing crew of friends, neighbours and allies who join Verdedig Noord. Together we are building a just, resilient and sustainable alternative for urban development. Where urban development should not be confused with real estate development, but is based on the existing social fabric that we want to preserve and strengthen.

We know our place. We are enterprising with little money. Professional and idealistic. Unlimitedly hospitable and ambitious. We defend those values, and so do our people. That is why we are now taking back space and ownership.

With art, activism and mutual aid. Radical imagination. Necessary to be able to propose change. For agency. Necessary, but not sufficient. To make change possible for everyone, everyone must be involved in this change. That is why we in the North not just speak of radical imaginal, but also of rooted imagination.

Nothing about us without us.