I'm a Finnish-Dutch artist, educator and organiser living in Amsterdam-Noord. In my work I explore the revolutionary potential of collective creativity. As an autodidact DJ, filmmaker and anarchist, clubs are my art school and protests my phd.


Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst
2022, 2023
Collaborators: Chidi Onwuka, Willemijn Lofvers, Thijs van Spaandonk
Tags: education, research, Rotterdam
Studio Vrije Ruimte is a guided experiment in collective education in architecture and urbanism. We do not name an outcome, no individual products, and there is no assessment. We do ask that you keep a logbook and be actively present during all meetings. The intention is to arrive at a collective something that teaches us something about the position of design education in society, in the city, in relation to the (uncertain) future and the past.

In this studio we will be inspired by guest lectures from within and outside the field, excursions and own activities initiated by the participants themselves. Again, it's an experiment. There is a chance of failure, but it will not lead to not making it to the studio, provided of course everyone remains committed to the collective.

Collective work and personal development are central to this studio. Personal development is the core of an ongoing process aimed at a collective intention. During that process we focus our attention on what is expressed, the why and the how. The individual contributions to the jointly supported intention of the studio depend on its own process. As the wisdom lies in (understanding) the awareness. That is why we ask you to keep a log of your own process.

In this studio you will learn to think critically, act, reflect, intervene, but above all, develop (inter)personal skills. You listen, you observe. You speak out. You confront. You act. Previous (educational and research) experiences have taught us that this is a joint and individually intensive and emotional process that contributes to personal growth. The studio is open to anyone who wants to embark on an adventure, who wants to learn to fly and land. Wants to learn to use his or her personal skills and develop interpersonal skills.