I'm a Finnish-Dutch artist, educator and organiser living in Amsterdam-Noord. In my work I explore the revolutionary potential of collective creativity. As an autodidact DJ, filmmaker and anarchist, clubs are my art school and protests my phd.


Berlin, Helsinki, Vilnius
Tags: film, international
RoXY has been selected for the Short Movie Club Film Festival “NEFILTRAVANAE KINO”. The 10th edition of this international film festival will take place in Berlin, Helsinki and Vilnius.

Originally the festival was held in Belarus, but because of political repression and publicly stated anti-war stance, screenings and events are held in different countries. This year is the 10th edition, and it will take place in Germany, Finland and Lithuania.

From the festival website: "This year we have generally moved away from the conventional sections of the programmes. Instead of a fiction, animation, video art programme, we tried to play on the field of metacinema and create new narratives through the existing ones. For instance, “Unfiltered Distopias” programme has been maturing for many years. It so happened that our festival found itself at the crossroads of two distopias, two systems, different spectacles. In either of them we exist at the same time and simultaneously there is no place for us there. This programme of films is built as a transition from one supposedly absolute socio-political system to another. The finale is left open. In the words of either Fredric Jameson or Slavoj Žižek: “It is easier to imagine an end to the world than an end to capitalism…”

The camera and human gaze interact in a divine comedy of total voyeurism and control. The Schrodinger’s Cat includes some of the best fiction, experimental films and video art of this year. The programme is a kind of metafilm. Each of the five short films in the programme is a sequential piece through which a new narrative unfolds.

The widespread application of neural network capabilities in the field of visual imagery has generated heated social, ethical, and legal debates. Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence will influence the history of visual contemporary art and  independent cinema. It has already happened. We will illustrate it vividly in Art & Neuro-Dreams."