Juha van 't Zelfde

Artist, organiser and educator

My name is Juha and I’m a Finnish-Dutch artist, organiser and educator from Amsterdam-Noord. 

I make work about the revolutionary potential of collective creativity.

I find inspiration in club culture, anarchism, ethnobotany, video games and football.

My latest work RoXY, a film about the legendary Amsterdam nightclub, is on view at Het Nieuwe Instituut until July 2024, as part of the exhibition Designing the Social.

I have recently started a newsletter about my research, called Free Association.

You can find more of my work here, contact me here, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

(Photos: Amie Galbraith, Pieter Kers, George Knegtel, Roberta Matis, Gert-Jan van Rooij, Andreas Kühne, Timo Arnall and Juha van 't Zelfde)